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About Hope Utilities - Company Overview

Hope Utilities is a holding company that owns natural gas and water distribution utilities across 9 states. We provide service to more than 227,000 residential, commercial, and industrial customers in the communities we serve. We currently operate natural gas utilities in Indiana, Maine, Montana, North Carolina, Ohio, and West Virginia; and water and wastewater utilities in Arizona, Michigan, and Texas. We also provide natural gas production and natural gas marketing through our subsidiary companies.

Hope’s growth strategy is built on being a trusted member of the communities we serve, providing our customers with safe, reliable and cost-effective utility service.

Who We Are

Hope Utilities is a group of people who get up every morning knowing they can help someone in the community where they live. Our customers are the focus of every employee here. Today, we have more than 227,000 customers who depend on us for either their natural gas or water services. Our employees are working every day to meet the needs of and provide value to our existing customers. At the same time, we are seeking opportunities to add new customers to our growing company. We have well over 700 dedicated employees who live in the same communities as our customers and we are adding to our team every day.

Mission & Vision


Hope Utilities employees are dedicated to solving every customer's energy and water need in the most practical and affordable manner. We embrace each of our customer’s goals and make them ours. That’s how we add value to the customers we serve. Whether it’s a family facing financial struggles, a growing business, or just helping customers understand the increasing complexities of the energy world and new technologies, we are committed to providing the right answers for our customers. We also see ourselves as an engine for economic growth partnering with others in the communities we serve to grow existing businesses and attract new economic opportunities in the regions we serve.


To be the most valuable provider of important services to every customer we serve by making our customer goals our goals. We want to be held as critically important in the communities where we serve customers by helping those in need, partnering with leaders for economic growth and by caring about the people we call customers.

Management & Governance

The strength of our leadership team differentiates Hope Utilities. Our leaders are focused on executing on our strategy, driving growth for our company while improving the communities we serve. Meet the leadership team.

Executive Leadership


Our employees provide natural gas and water services to our customers, who depend on us to make sure they have the most reliable service at the most affordable prices every day. Whether it’s a bitter cold day in Maine or Montana, a day when a business is making critical products for their customers, or just a normal day when families need energy and water to get through their day, we work hard each and every day making sure we have the most dependable service possible. We plan every day for the changes and complexities the world brings so our customers don’t have to … our customers can depend on us.

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