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Environmental, Social, and Governance

Conservation and Sustainability

Combining our water and wastewater operations with our natural gas operations allows our companies to share best practices around environmental stewardship and to innovate new ways to provide even more sustainable service to our customers of both these precious natural resources.

Our water and wastewater companies work to protect and preserve one of Earth’s most precious natural resources: clean water. Through responsible stewardship and conservation programs we help protect and preserve our water supply for generations to come.

Our natural gas utilities are committed to environmental sustainability. Over the past 3 years alone we have reduced our carbon emissions by more than 18,000 tons, all while providing affordable and reliable service to our customers, and each customer we convert to natural gas service from propane or fuel oil further reduces environmental emissions. Natural gas plays a critical role in the clean energy transition, and we will continue to do our part to innovate our environmental practices to provide clean, reliable, and affordable service to our customers.


Hope Utilities strives to make a meaningful difference in the communities that we serve.

Hope Utilities is owned by Ullico Infrastructure Fund ("UIF"). UIF's investment strategy is design to accomplish a social impact from its investing: using U.S. pension fund dollars to invest in U.S. companies, providing high-quality U.S. jobs to support our domestic labor force.

As Ullico’s flagship utility company, Hope embodies the realization of this vision: providing family-sustaining jobs through U.S. companies to U.S. workers. Together we can continue to improve the health of our country’s job offerings and labor force.